Dunaliella Salina source of β-Caroten

Dunaliella Salina source of β-Caroten

Dunaliella Salina is a green seaweed that contain the highest concentration of β-Caroten of any organism, up to 14% of dry weight.

Dunaliella salina is the most salt-tolerant eukaryotic alga known and can grow in media saturated (> 30% w/v) with NaCl.

It is also very tolerant of high temperatures Development of mass culture conditions has required the optimization of growth conditions so as to produce the maximum amount of β-caroten per unit time and culture volume.

An example of optimal growth conditions is given by the marine tanks for the extraction of salt which in the summer turn red due to the carotenoid which concentrates due to the action of the sun’s rays and the very high salt concentration.

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