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Food Supplements Notification Italy

For a foreign company that wants to notify its food supplements (FSG, foods with added vitamins and minerals etc.) in Italy the process is complex and requires the understanding of different regulations additional to the specific and shared ones of the European Union.
If even the nutraceuticals system has shared European rules, each country has its own rules that can greatly slow down the process of placing products on the market.
For this reason, it is good to turn to professionals in the reference area who can accompany companies on virtuous and fast paths.
In Italy for example there are claims for authorized botanicals and this can improve the salability of a product.
In any case, the regulatory strategy associated with a product sometimes determines its marketability in a complex and articulated market.


Dunaliella Salina source of β-Caroten

β-Caroten is a carotenoid found in all green plants where it is localized in the chloroplast.

It is used in food industry for many purpose and has also been shown to be a good scavenger of free radicals.

It appears therefore to have a role as a protective agent against many health problems.

At present, most of the commercially available β-caroten is produced by synthetic means but at same time it can be also produced by  Dunaliella Salina.

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Nutraceutical Formulations

Many customers ask me for formulations that are in line with the products already on the market and that differ so much that it is enough not to overlap with competitors who already have an important customer base. The watchword in general is “remove market slices” It is done by focusing on a more performing graphics and marketing, increasing a little bit of this or a little bit of that compared to the competition or decreasing the frequency of administrations, thereby increasing customer compliance or simply doing the race to the top of the number of tablets or doses in general. But what does it really take to be attractive on the market? How can you communicate your uniqueness? This is a complex topic that cannot be exhausted in a few lines. Certainly branding policies are important but also the formulation is important, and above all the use of raw materials and formulation models which, for the same dosages or even at lower dosages, guarantee an improved bioavailability of common raw materials can make the difference. Looking for quality and not quantity is the challenge that today faces companies that want to structure themselves and become leaders in the sector.

Regulatory Strategy

In the last year, the results achieved by the Italian food supplement market have been characterized by an increase in turnover of 6.9%. The market value stands at 2.9 billion euros for a total of 212.2 million packs sold, maintaining a leading position in the European market which overall is worth around 13 billion euros. “BY FEDERSALUS” Even if the European market allows the free movement of goods, including food supplements, the right regulatory approach and an entry strategy in line with Italian regulations is the best thing that foreign companies can do to penetrate a market full of possibilities.

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